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Sometimes, we wonder why friends keep forwarding messages to us without writing a word.
Maybe this will explain.

 When you are very busy, but still want to keep in touch, guess what you do?
You forward messages.
   When you have nothing to say, but still want to keep contact,
you forward messages.

 Also to let you know that you are still remembered, you are still important, you are still loved, you are still cared for,
guess what you get?
A forwarded message.
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So, next time when you get a message, don't think that you've been sent just another forwarded message, but that you've been thought of today and your friend on the other end of your computer wanted to share a message with you.


The Constitution of USA National Anthem of USA    
1 My Birthday

Christmas Card

Christmas Tree History

Christmas Poem
2 Jesus Was Full List Up
3 1902 1500s 2000 to 20 Stroke
4 Teacher Strange Returning Facts Of Life
5 Crabby Old Woman Men Are Like Tree Yellow Rose
6 Car Jacking Moments Brick Bits Of Wisdom
7 What Does Love Mean Age Feud
8 Bible Center Global Warming eBook Farming With Age
9 Men And Women Hunting Dogs


The Room
10 Don't Hoax Around Technology Ode To America Why Women Cry
11 Anne Graham Redneck Remember When Do You See
12 Special Request Night Before Christmas 100 People Bank Letter
13 Out Of The Storm It Is No Secret Speech Wanted Small Thoughts
14 11 Rules Terrorist Suicides Seasons
15 Three Things In Life Weekly Cleaning

Aging (George Carlin)

Grandma's Hands
16 Home Run Cruising Again Getting Old
17 Forward Jokes Give And Take Only In America Easy Quiz
18 One Flaw In Women To Kill An American If I Knew Job Description
19 I Am Meth That's God A Glass Of Milk Tech Support
20 Find A Job Age Report 101% Rose
21 Shower Stranger I Have Learned Laws
22 Interesting Amusing Facts 98 or 2 Calvary
23 God Bless You Mean Mom Good Advice Satan's Meeting
24 Women Flaw Creation Mom 2 Stories
25 Reduce Stress Kids Ago Husband Store Why
26 Occupation I Owe My Mother Not Tonight Mexifornia
27 A Real Friend Fireman Woman I Pray
28 Duck Hunters Mothers Remember Dam Letter
29 Computer Contest Got To Stop Iwo Jima Boys Number Of The Beast
30 Bureaucracy Political Correctness Men Are Happier Reminiscing
31 When We Are Old Laus Deo Tennis Ball Gender
32 Dog My Son Nasty Virus

1900-2000  (Fathers)

33 Black Cat Wizardry Dart Lesson Evaluations
34 The Gift $20.00 To God From Dog George Carlin
35 Wisconsinite Complaint Dept Marbles Answering Machine
36 Information Please Seeds WWIII Gun Control History
37 Where Is God By Wanda The Sign Daddys Chair Stella Awards
38 Soldier Escort Gray Hair Of 100 People Common Sense
39 Cost Of Children Horoscope Test Prison Vs Work God Explained
40 I Am Coming Old West Phrases Farmer John Forgivenal
41 Taxes Bill Gates School Children Beneficial Foods
42 Church Signs World Clock Beer Halloween
43 Ohio Buck

Geese   (Lesson)

Storm Your A Keeper
44 Sisters A Truckers Story Santa Helper Freedom OF Religion
45 Jes-U-s  All about U AA Batteries His Rules Guidance
46 7 Wonders Cup Of Coffee Enough Want In A Man
47 Meaning Of Summary Woman To Bed God Is Like
48 Seeks Companionship Record Kill Predictions Computer Talk
49 Up Graded Taters Jack Schitt Passwords
50 Our Troops Answered Definitions Cell Tracker
51 Alcohol Freedom Future Mother Clue Me In
52 Being Old One Liners Walking Among Us Saturdays
53 Nails Threes Old Geezers Marriage
54 Sand And Stone Power Of Many Blonde Jokes Record Pike
55 Mocked God Food Facts Idiot Sightings Atheists Holiday
56 Draft Us Pet Rules Official USA Time Farm Kid
57 The Human Body Hotel Bill Woman Driver Eat Well
58 Friends Quiz20 $4.00 Bill The Lord's Prayer
59 Freedom ( 2hr ) Clothes Line Dollar Doom (Video) Squirrel
60 Wires Crossed  Brett Favre Retires Illusion Blue Roses
61 Took My Place Life Tic Tac Toe 545
62 Shift Happens I Believe Woman From God Protect ID
63 Earthquake Survival Darrell Scott - Columbine Frog Theory In Heaven
64 WD-40 30Plus Mens Rules What Teachers Make
65 Billion Democrats Taser New Saw
66 Colonoscopy Whispers Woman Vote Printer Problem
67 Gun Control In God We Still Trust Democracy Lucky American
68 Science Vs God Rearrange Lawyer's Duck The Reason
69 Doctors Opinion 3 Old Men Extinct Garbage Law
70 Pet Spider Amazing Future Obama Deception (2hr) Future
71 The Boss Rodney Advice21 GunControl-Reasons
72 Boy Scout Letter In Hell Tombstone Moved To Texas
73 Two Trillion Tons God's Accuracy 20 Dollars Sermon-VA
74 Psalm 23 Reflections Cold Or Flu Music Balls
75 Still Broke Vote Them OUT 2008 Election Profound
76 What If He Is Right Three Trees Birth Year Farts
77 Extinct YET Open Letter Must Be 18 Do It
78 Hi Friend 1895 Exam ( 8th Grade ) 1955 Comments I Was Looking
79 Heaven Tour Blackbird CR-71 Model Jet Holy Alphabet Truck Stop Squeamish
80 Judge Napolitano From Jan Burglar Notes American Dream
81 What I Want In A Man Airport Solution Immigrants Divorce Agreement
82 Heathen VJ-Day-1945 Fourth Verse Foundation
83 What Is This Ground Zero Mosque ??? Cow Ant Old Fart Great Orators
84 Thomas Jefferson I Told You So ! I Fought For You Gun Reasons
85 Cracked Pot Letter To Pelosi Stress Cycle Ride (Moscow)
86 Thanks BO Federal Reserve Birth  Merry Christmas Card Blonde Quotes
87 Jordan McCabe Graphic Art Car Museum 8 Point Visitor 
88 L Question Recall Notice To Steal A Car Black Hole
89 Under Sea WOW USA - Arizona Billy Graham 401K 
90 20.00 God-vs-Science Orange Coats 7 PerCent
91 Jozef Wadicki Eagle Nest ( Live Video ) SS-History Killer Whale (Kills Man)
92 Griswold 1951 Cookies ... (recipes) GunRights-Testimony Portraits Of The Fallen
93 Time For God Walmart-TheMorons Surgeons Taxes Explained
94 Free Stuff Out House Obama Thanksgiving Jack Webb 
95 Political Quotes 8 Zeros OFF Coconut Oil Heaven Or Hell
96 National Anthem USA Poorest Cities Voter Fraud Exposed Installing A Husband
97 Deck Of Cards  JonVoight-Obama You Scare me Reagan Vs Obama
98 Remember Me  If I Were The Devil George Everett Day Gun Owners
99 Senior Discounts Grey Haired Brigade GunOwners  


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