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This 7yr old young man sings the
National Anthem
prior to a college basketball game.

God Bless


P.S.  Looks like everyone in the background
Players and Audience
skipped the class of

"Respect the USA Flag and for which she stands"

United States Code, 36 USC Sec. 301 says that during the playing of
The Star Spangled Banner
United States National Anthem)

when the flag is displayed, everyone except those in uniform should stand at attention while facing the flag and have their right hand over their heart. Individuals in attendance that arenít in uniform should remove anything they are wearing on their head with their right hand and hold it at their left shoulder, with their hand held over their heart. Individuals in uniform should show the military salute during the first note of the anthem and stay in this position until the last note. If the flag is not displayed, people in attendance should face the music and respond as if the flag were present.



Share With Family and Friends

 Surely, They'll enjoy this message also !

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