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List to Live By
Worry The most destructive habit
Giving The greatest Joy
Loss of self-respect The greatest loss
Helping others The most satisfying work
Selfishness The ugliest personality trait
Dedicated leaders The most endangered species
Our youth Our greatest natural resource
Encouragement The greatest "shot in the arm"
Fear The greatest problem to overcome
Peace of mind The most effective sleeping pill
Excuses The most crippling failure disease
Love The most powerful force in life
A gossiper The most dangerous pariah
The brain The world's most incredible computer
Hope The worst thing to be without
The tongue The deadliest weapon
"I Can" The two most power-filled words
Faith The greatest asset
Self-pity The most worthless emotion
SMILE! The most beautiful attire
Integrity The most prized possession
Prayer The most powerful channel of communication
Enthusiasm The most contagious spirit

Everyone needs this list to live by...pass it along !!!

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